A glimpse

I’ve been to this heritage hotel, Raffles Hotel, many times, but each time is always different.

I discover new pockets of space or at least look at them differently, with the different and changing conditions of the time of day, lighting, viewing angles and more. This time, I walked by this open lounge area and although I didn’t have the time to stop and observe, I managed to captire the glimpse.

Raffles Hotel is one of my favourite heritage buildings in Singapore, for its architecture that is ornate and grand, but also embraces the natural tropical surroundings.

Story of a past


These are elements of architecture that I particularly like about this row of storied shophouses. Known as one of the prettiest streets in Singapore – when it comes to heritage buildings, Petain road makes for an interesting walk and captivating sight.

I wonder  what colourful stories, beneath the perfectly imperfect facades, are waiting to be told here?

A temple in an ancient capital


I visited this temple in Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam. It was built and dedication to the first emperor warlord.

In a time plagued with war, the location was strategically chosen as the capital, in the 10th and 11th centuries, because it is surrounded and protected by limestone mountains.

While I was meandering the temple grounds, between its storied stone walls, I imagined the lives of its dwellers back in the period of its full magnificence. The grandeur, and the tribulations.