In the neighbourhood 

Just a little urban garden I chanced upon in my neighbourhood that I liked. 


Cafe vignette 

Just a close-up of some industrial-style elements of a cafe in the quiet east I liked.

What I liked at The 1925 

Normally, I’m not a fan of the overdone industrial-style look. But I quite liked the grungy interiors of this microbrewery and restaurant, probably because it suited the architecture well. Characteristics of traditional shophouses include high ceilings and a narrow, long layout… Something quite rare here.

Rustic charm

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Prado Farms in the Pampanga province of the Philippines. 

It has a five-hectare land size, and is part of what used to be a sugar cane plantation. The owner bought it over in the 1970s, and today it is a self-sustaining organic and free-range farm. 

It has accommodation, as well as a restaurant with a farm-to-table concept serving up delicious wholesome and nutritious nosh.

I really loved the rustic, natural look of the farm, it’s greenery and open spaces. It isn’t fancy, but it is beautiful; with an unpretentious charm to it – being one of those amazing places that embrace nature, as well as age gracefully. It reminded me of why I like old places and objects that seem to tell stories.