Sense of being 

The relationship you have with a city is defined by the encounters you have with its faces and places. 
Paris, late summer 2017


Invisible ink 

Nobody can see them, or know about them, but it is these invisible scars that actually take the longest to fade.

They are repercussions of the greatest hurts, caused always only by the people who have a hold on you; the people who matter. 

And being the sentimental sort who feels even before realising exactly why, something always reminds me of one or another – by way of a moment shared, a special differentiation, an inspiration, an unexpected identification… Before the pangs.

Tonight it was the moon, on the cusp of fullness, that got me.

It is the memories that allow you to keep the stories, but also shape the untold ones. 

Is to be sentimental and emotional to be weak? Being more aware, sensing and feeling is a double-edged sword – a blessing or a curse?

Stay a little while  

I’ve always had a non-stop packed schedule to follow. But this morning, I decided to take a break from it all. Even for just a little while.

And so I lingered, in the embracing comfort of my crumpled sheets. A temporary escape in a familiar shape, in the nest I created around my self.

I’ve been thinking that in order to live better, balance is key. Also, to find strength and happiness from within. For me, slowing down, taking the time, and just living in the moment might have a big part on that. I’m at a point in my life that I need to focus on myself, and heal.

In response to The Daily Post’s word prompt: Better

Facades of Madrid

Madrid was more beautiful, in more ways than one, than I had expected. This is another city that I felt something for… What was it — a spark, a connection? I don’t really know, but it’s a feeling that’s rare.

I explored its winding streets, took in the colourful culture, and got lost in its intricacies and details. Behind its captivating and intriguing facades, I’m sure there are equally fascinating stories waiting to be revealed.

Traces of summer lingered, while the city eased into a crisper, chillier period. The perfect backdrop for daydreams and new encounters.


In a crowded carriage on my daily commute, I’m surrounded by people, but feel so alone. Unified by the inertia of the moving train, and the occasional surges, we all have our place in close proximity, but yet are isolated in digital worlds of our own.

Sharing a moment in time, swaying in unison, without even realising it – what do we miss out on, in the crossing of all these paths? 

Like me, do you ever feel that you are drowning in a sea of unfamiliar faces, lost in your own thoughts and so alone?

Up close and personal

It’s a perpetual summer here in Singapore, with lush tropical greenery , especially when it’s both rainy and hot. So over the weekend, I took a walk – and climb – around and took some close up snaps of nature.

I enjoyed seeing the various elements of the natural environment in a sort of macro perspective. A different view point from when I would normally walk past without so much a glance of the underside, upturning to reveal, a glimpse above eye-level, or just moving closer to take in the textures.

One of these days, though, I’m going to fall to my death. 😝

In response to The Daily Post’s word prompt: Summer